Bridal Gown Trends for 2013

With the winter snow beginning to thaw, spring is in the air, and with that, the highly anticipated start to wedding season! For months, newly engaged brides have been planning their weddings down to the smallest detail, especially, (the most important in our opinion) the wedding dress.

Having been selling bridal fabrics for over 80 years, we see bridal trends come to life as brides flow in and out of our store to pick the fabrics for their custom dresses.  Working with these brides inspired this blog.  Read about all of the 2013 bridal trends and see the fabrics at Supreme that have been most popular among our amazing and beautiful brides.

1. Colors: Blush and Grey

Jenny Packham Bridal Gown

Jenny Packham Bridal Gown

We love to see this break from the traditional white and ivory colored dresses (which is actually a newer trend – from the last 100 or so years) and incorporating hints of color into their dresses.  By far the two most popular colors this year are blush and grey.  However, we have gotten a few brides who are very experimental with their color choices and are incorporating marigold yellows or kelly greens into their dresses.blush 1

2. Old Hollywood/Screen Sirens

Jenny Packham Bridal Gown

Jenny Packham Bridal Gown

Think Greta Garbo, Jan harlow, and Rita Hayworth.  The Old Hollywood/Film Noir style is back and we could not be more excited about it!hollywood glamour 2

3. Bare Backs/ Portrait Backs

Claire Pettibone Bridal Gown

Claire Pettibone Bridal Gown

There is nothing sexier than a portrait back or back detail – it really makes the dress a 360 degree piece.  Too often people forget that the back of a garment can be just as interesting or even more interesting than the front.

Portrait Back

4. Lace Nouveau

Jenny Packham Lace Bohemian Wedding Dress

Jenny Packham Lace Bohemian Wedding Dress

We saved our most favorite trend for last: lace.  Lace is having a strong comeback in bridal wear.  Supreme Novelty fabrics has a room completely dedicated to lace – its hard not to fall in love with it when you spend as much time with it as we do. From chantilly to lyon lace, SNF has it all.  Build the wedding dress of your dreams with us, and one or two amazing bridal designers.


Lyon Lace to Drool Over

Those of you who have visited our store know that we have thousands of bolts of fabric, seemingly well organized by color and fabric type.  However, every once in a while, we uncover a buried treasure that was lost in the mix at some point.  We have been doing a bit of New Year reorganizing and stumbled upon this beautiful piece of Lyon Lace.LyonLaceAmaze2

Laces are named by the region in France in which they are made.  Lyon lace comes from Lyon, France.  The main thing that makes Lyon lace different from other lace, is that it has a very large pattern repeat.  As you can see in the lace above, the pattern is very large.  Another specialty of Lyon lace, is that it often has different types of netting included in on repeat.  Look at the closeups below and notice the different nets!LyonLaceCloseup LyonEdgeCloseup

It is somewhat surprising, but there is not a lot of information about Lyon lace online.  It is a lace on the verge of distinction.  Lyon lace has not been produced for the last 30 or 40 years.  This could be for a few different reasons: 1.  Because of the scale of the print, Lyon lace can be very challenging for a designer.  The lace itself dictates the design of the garment.  It takes a very skilled designer to use Lyon lace. 2. Lyon lace is an expensive lace.  It is expensive to produce and it is expensive to purchase.  The market that could afford this lace just might not be there.

It saddens us greatly that this lace is disappearing…but there is hope!  When this piece of lace was discovered in our store, it spurred owner, Richard Schneider, to call his lace contact to find out more about Lyon lace.  Well, it turns out that recently the LAST Lyon lace machine was about to be melted and recycled, but was saved by this wonderful lady and a client in need of Lyon lace!  Does this mean that there is a future comeback of Lyon lace? We can only hope!LyonLaceAmaze LyonLaceCloseup2

Supreme’s Supremely Big Clearance Sale!

Every few months Supreme Fabrics has a sale, but nothing in the past compares to the amazing discounts we have now made!  We are clearing inventory to bring in great new fabrics, but we need to make space first!  We have discounted:

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Our Rich History in Weddings and Lace

Since our inception in 1931, Supreme Novelty Fabrics has centered our business around dressing brides in the most exquisite, beautiful, and high quality fabrics.  We help them create their dream ensemble for their special day.

We are proud to say that SNF has the largest collection of vintage and contemporary laces outside of a museum, with the oldest pieces dating from the early 1900’s .  In our showroom, we have an entire room devoted to our lace collection adjoined by a lace vault with some of our older more fragile pieces.  We even carry the very same iconic lace and tulle that was worn by Kate Middleton for the Royal wedding!

No bride’s outfit would be complete without a headpiece to accompany her beautiful dress.  The most recent addition to our high quality fabric family is 100% silk tulle.  It is truly amazing what a rarity this specific type of tulle is.  Before manufactured fabrics existed, silk tulle was the only tulle on the market and highly in demand by brides everywhere.  Made today on the same type of machines invented 200 years ago by John Heathcoat, silk tulle is often overshadowed by its synthetic counterpart: bridal illusion (100% Nylon).  Bridal Illusion however does not compare to the quality of silk tulle.  Silk tulle is much softer then Bridal Illusion and drapes and flows much better.  It is flatter then Bridal Illusion so it creates a more refined, less poufy, veil.  While there is a great debate among brides as to whether or not silk tulle is worth it….one thing you can be sure of: a silk tulle veil will last through generations without the yellowing or deterioration problems typical of synthetic Bridal Illusion veils.

No matter what type of bride you are, come in and see our selection of laces and tulles (silk and nylon)!  We want to help you make your wedding day exactly as you envisioned it!