Lyon Lace to Drool Over

Those of you who have visited our store know that we have thousands of bolts of fabric, seemingly well organized by color and fabric type.  However, every once in a while, we uncover a buried treasure that was lost in the mix at some point.  We have been doing a bit of New Year reorganizing and stumbled upon this beautiful piece of Lyon Lace.LyonLaceAmaze2

Laces are named by the region in France in which they are made.  Lyon lace comes from Lyon, France.  The main thing that makes Lyon lace different from other lace, is that it has a very large pattern repeat.  As you can see in the lace above, the pattern is very large.  Another specialty of Lyon lace, is that it often has different types of netting included in on repeat.  Look at the closeups below and notice the different nets!LyonLaceCloseup LyonEdgeCloseup

It is somewhat surprising, but there is not a lot of information about Lyon lace online.  It is a lace on the verge of distinction.  Lyon lace has not been produced for the last 30 or 40 years.  This could be for a few different reasons: 1.  Because of the scale of the print, Lyon lace can be very challenging for a designer.  The lace itself dictates the design of the garment.  It takes a very skilled designer to use Lyon lace. 2. Lyon lace is an expensive lace.  It is expensive to produce and it is expensive to purchase.  The market that could afford this lace just might not be there.

It saddens us greatly that this lace is disappearing…but there is hope!  When this piece of lace was discovered in our store, it spurred owner, Richard Schneider, to call his lace contact to find out more about Lyon lace.  Well, it turns out that recently the LAST Lyon lace machine was about to be melted and recycled, but was saved by this wonderful lady and a client in need of Lyon lace!  Does this mean that there is a future comeback of Lyon lace? We can only hope!LyonLaceAmaze LyonLaceCloseup2