A Summer Full of Students

After School Matters, born through the passion and commitment of Maggie Daley, is a non-profit organization that offers Chicago High School teens innovative out of school activities that help them discover their potential and find their path to a meaningful life.

Supreme Novelty Fabrics had the opportunity and the honor to work with five of these amazing freshly graduated High School students this past summer.  As a small business, we frequently have more on our to-do list then we have time for in a given day.  The ASM students helped check off some of those to-do’s and as a result helped make Supreme a more customer friendly store!

The Students spent the summer labeling all of our fabrics, organizing them by color and type, and generally being a joy to have around!  We also loved the outfits they designed for our mannequins – there may be some future fashion designers coming out of here!

We are grateful not only for the work that they helped us with, but also the opportunity to get to know each and every one of these students personally!   Supreme Novelty Fabrics wishes you all the best in your freshmen year of college and your futures!

Thank you After School Matters for creating such an amazing program!


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