A Visit from the President

19 May, 2012 –  What started off as a normal Saturday morning quickly turned into a day the  Supreme Novelty Fabric family will always remember.  Because of the presence of the NATO Summit Conference in Chicago, we had the honor of having Dalia Grybauskaité, President of the Republic of Lithuania, come and shop for fabric at our store.  Store manager, Lalo Martinez, helped President Grybauskaité, who was searching for a patterned silk fabric for a dress she was commissioning.  President Grybauskaité preferred fabrics only in navy blue, as it is her favorite color to wear.

President Dalia Grybauskaité, Republic of Lithuania, with Richard Schneider, Owner of Supreme Novelty Fabrics

President Dalia Grybauskaité left the store with a new Supreme Novelty Fabric tote bag, the first ever to be sold, carrying her beautiful 100% silk jacquard print.  Richard Scheider, owner of Supreme Novelty Fabrics stated “NATO brought the world to Chicago, which in turn brought Chicago to the world.  This experience was such an honor for us and is a testimonial as to why NATO was here.”  What an exciting day for all of us!

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A Look Back: The History of Supreme Novelty Fabrics

Supreme Novelty Fabric prides itself on our long history of selling quality fabrics and our strong roots in the Chicago community.  Many people do not know about how we started, but our past is what makes us who we are today.  Here is a look back at our beginnings.

Sam and Richard

Supreme Novelty Fabric began in 1931 with Sam Schecter selling bridal illusion out of the trunk of his car in Midwestern cities like Cleveland, Detroit, and Chicago.  By 1938, he opened his first store front in the heart of what was then Chicago’s garment district.  From the start, Supreme Fabrics has been committed to offering the best quality fabrics and novelties such as trims, buttons, and lace.

Today, Sam’s grandson, Richard Schneider continues the family tradition of offering a wide selection of quality fabrics and trims.  He started at Supreme Fabrics as a teenager making lace display boards and cutting yardage.  Today, he has his eyes to the future, taking Supreme to the forefront of textile technology.


Here are some highlights from the years of Richard at the helm of the company:

1997: The Pleasant Company, founders of the American Girl Brand, needed the perfect sequin fabric for a skirt they were developing for a Olympic Ice Skating doll outfit.  They knew exactly where to look: they came to Supreme.

2001: Supreme Novelty Fabric traveled all the way to Sutherland, Scotland to source water-wicking wool that would be used to make coats for Tom Hanks and other cast members in “Road to Perdition.”

2007: Supreme began working with the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust to identify the perfect upholstery fabric to fill the historic Frank Lloyd Wright home in Oak Park, Illinois.

In Supreme Fabric’s 81 years of being in business, we have had many landmark moments. We will continue to move with the times, having many more landmark moments, and offering the best fabric and trims we can find.