A Perfect Match: Mignonette Bridal and Supreme Novelty Fabrics

For years, Supreme Novelty Fabrics has been a haven for brides looking for the perfect fabric to make their custom dresses.  We have catered to so many brides, that we have a room solely dedicated to laces and silks.  One of SNF’s most familiar faces is one of Chicago’s best custom bridal designers – Kpoene Kofi-Nicklin of Mignonette Bridal.

Kpoene started Mignonette in 2002 as a Sportswear label.  While planning her own wedding in 2009, she became increasingly frustrated with finding that perfect dress.  It was during that time that she learned about other brides with similar frustrations, thus inspiring her to pursue custom bridal design.  Since transplanting from San Francisco to Chicago, she and her brides have become frequent customers at Supreme Novelty Fabrics.  We could not be more happy, not only to have her business, but also to have such a warm and friendly person around all the time!  

Follow the links below to see what amazing creations Kpoene has created using Supreme Fabrics!

The Brit Gown  

The Amanda Gown on Eco and Elsie – The gowns and dresses pictured here were made with at least 50% vintage materials.  Supreme Novelty Fabrics has a wide selection of vintage laces.  If you want a true vintage wedding, then a dress from Kpoene made with Supreme Vintage Fabrics is the place to go!

Havisham Gown – This link is great for inspiration AND features a video so you can see the movement of the dress!

Leocadie Gown and Rhodes Dress – The Rhodes dress is made of vintage cotton lace over a nude silk crepe; The Leocadie Gown is made of nude silk crepe and charmeuse with an English net overlay.  

Be U Weddings Launch Party

Just going through these websites, I am in awe of Kpoene’s amazing skills.  We love to see what people create with our fabrics!  If you too have created an amazing ensemble with our fabrics, send a picture to julia@supremefabrics.com.   Stay tuned for more examples of what Kpoene can create using Supreme Novelty Fabrics!  Also visit her website  – Mignonette Bridal

Chicago Fashion Connect April Mixer

This past Tuesday (April 10) we were given the honor of being the host location for Chicago Fashion Connect’s April Mixer.

Chicago Fashion Connect (CFC) is a great organization.  Their mission is to promote local emerging fashion talent and help create opportunities for these individuals through networking and collaboration opportunities.  Each month CFC hosts a mixer where individuals from different facets of the industry come and mingle.  We had bloggers, fashion designers, models, stylists, and photographers all networking at Supreme Fabrics.  In the fashion industry, it is all about connections, so it is great when organizations like CFC are formed to help solve part of that problem!

The mixer at SNF was a huge success! There were 60 people in our showroom mingling and looking at fabric.  One fashion designer, who has been working in Chicago for the past 20 years, had never heard of us!  He was so excited to explore our fabrics and see what Supreme Fabrics has to offer.  I hope we see more than one face from this event in our store more frequently!