The Wonderful World of Wallcoverings

In general, when someone mentions wallpaper or wallcoverings, our mind immediately goes to an image of the hideous walls in our grandparent’s house.  But in today’s market, there are really great modern, fresh, and updated wall coverings.  Just look in any decorating magazine and you will see what a comeback wallcoverings are having.

Wallcoverings are great because they are so versatile and can instantly uplift a dreary room.  They can also be used in other ways then decorating walls.  For example, add wallcoverings to the inside of shelving or apply it to your ceiling for a more dramatic look.  You can add it to just one wall to make a focal point with accent colors on the other walls.  You no longer have to stay within the ordinary boundaries when using wallcoverings.  It creates a nice depth and can add a pop of color and pattern to any room.  They are also fantastic for making wall art, find a pattern you love and put it in a frame, instant art work for your space. Let your imagination run wild!

New lines are constantly being introduced that are innovative and fresh, they help invoke great style to any space.  Some of our lines stay true to some of the political issues we face here in the states by offering green breathable non-pvc wallcoverings that support the USGBC LEED Program.  We recently introduced our newest lines of handcrafted wallcoverings, several of which are made in America.

Supreme Novelty Fabrics has been increasing our selection of wallcoverings daily.  We have 100% silk fabric wallcoverings, textured paper wallcoverings, natural wallcoverings, and bold patterns to chose from, the list goes on.  If you are interested in sprucing up one or all of your rooms, we have a great selection!


Our Rich History in Weddings and Lace

Since our inception in 1931, Supreme Novelty Fabrics has centered our business around dressing brides in the most exquisite, beautiful, and high quality fabrics.  We help them create their dream ensemble for their special day.

We are proud to say that SNF has the largest collection of vintage and contemporary laces outside of a museum, with the oldest pieces dating from the early 1900’s .  In our showroom, we have an entire room devoted to our lace collection adjoined by a lace vault with some of our older more fragile pieces.  We even carry the very same iconic lace and tulle that was worn by Kate Middleton for the Royal wedding!

No bride’s outfit would be complete without a headpiece to accompany her beautiful dress.  The most recent addition to our high quality fabric family is 100% silk tulle.  It is truly amazing what a rarity this specific type of tulle is.  Before manufactured fabrics existed, silk tulle was the only tulle on the market and highly in demand by brides everywhere.  Made today on the same type of machines invented 200 years ago by John Heathcoat, silk tulle is often overshadowed by its synthetic counterpart: bridal illusion (100% Nylon).  Bridal Illusion however does not compare to the quality of silk tulle.  Silk tulle is much softer then Bridal Illusion and drapes and flows much better.  It is flatter then Bridal Illusion so it creates a more refined, less poufy, veil.  While there is a great debate among brides as to whether or not silk tulle is worth it….one thing you can be sure of: a silk tulle veil will last through generations without the yellowing or deterioration problems typical of synthetic Bridal Illusion veils.

No matter what type of bride you are, come in and see our selection of laces and tulles (silk and nylon)!  We want to help you make your wedding day exactly as you envisioned it!

Welcome to the First Supreme Novelty Fabric Blog Post!

Hello Fabric Lovers! Hello DIY Aficionados! Hello Creative People and Creative Industries!

It is time for us to become, not only textile experts, but also social media experts.  We want to reach as many people as we can and make sure you know about the classes we are hosting, events you should be at, or special discounts on fabrics!  Follow our blog, our Facebook, and our Twitter accounts and you will not miss a beat about what is happening at Supreme Novelty Fabrics!

It has been a busy Spring for us!  Just next week we will be working a booth at the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo at the Schaumburg Convention Center. Feel free to visit from us there March 22nd and 23rd from 10 to 6, and March 24 from 10 to 5:30.  We would love to show you some of our best selections of fabrics and trims!

If this is the first you have heard about Supreme Novelty Fabric, we are glad you have found us.  Feel free to visit our website here, or visit our store at 2156 West Fulton in Chicago, IL.  We would love to help you with all of your fabric and trim needs!